LMP Bulgaria delivers products and provides services to clients from many different industries.

The largest share belongs to Electromechanics, Energy and Automotive.


Electromechanics combines electrical and mechanical processes and procedures drawn from electrical engineering and mechanical engineering.

The devices which carry out electrical operations by using moving parts are known as electromechanical, such as relays, switches, solenoids.


A number of different products made by LMP Bulgaria are used in the energy engineering field, such as circuit breakers, trip coils, thermomagnetic actuators, opening/closing coils, windings and actuators.

Those are used mainly for manufacturing of:

  • Thermomagnetic LV devices
  • Electromagnetic LV devices
  • MV apparatus and switchgears
  • Wind turbines


Many automotive manufacturers use relays, coils, breakers, solenoids and electronic PCBs in the process of making an automobile (OEM, second market or spare parts).

LMP Bulgaria performs the highest QC procedures to ensure its clients are supplied with the best possible products at the lowest price helping them to achieve higher competitiveness.